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101 things to do in 1001 day again

I can't believe that it has been almost three years since my last 101 things to do in 1001 days list. I look back and I wish I would have done better but I did get a lot accomplished. It is now time for a new list and a new start. Here is my new list. Feel free to join in on this madness and create your own list!

To be completed by Saturday, November 23, 2013

1 Make this list (completed 2.26.11)

2 Give Jeremy 50 back massages (0/50 complete)

3 Learn to play a song all the way through on the piano without stopping

4 Photograph 5 different temples (0/5 complete)

5 Get a pedicure

6 Get my hair done

7 Organize our ipod with play lists

8 Donate $5 for each goal I don't complete

9 Plant a garden

10 Build a snowman

11 Dance in the rain

12 Don't complain about anything for a week

13 Get the high score on all the just dance song on the wii

14 Get rid of all my clothes that I don't wear and donate them

15 Go to a drive in movie

16 create a budget and stick to it for a year

17 Go geocaching

18 Have a girls night out

19 Throw a party

20 stay off the computer for a week straight

21 Become more fluent in sign language

22 build a fort with Emma and Kate out of blankets

23 make a piece of jewelry

24 research my family heritage back 4 generations

25 Do a puzzle

26 complete a 365 day photo challenge

27 Read the entire bible with my family

28 Watch a meteor shower

29 watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day

30 Make snow ice cream

31 go to zumba 10 times (1/10 complete)

32 try a new recipe once a month for a year

33 Go roller blading

34 Paint something

35 Sell off all our furniture I do not need or like

36 Learn 50 new words (0/50 complete)

37 Organize a folder with all my decorating ideas

38 Get a new glasses prescription

39 print off my journals and type up old journals for one large book

40 send out Christmas cards

41 Do a craft project

42 Have another baby

43 Fame our family picture

44 Put together 72 hour kits

45 Complete a 3-month food storage supply

46 Memorize 20 scriptures or quotes

47 take a trip to the zoo

48 write a simple will

49 Go for a picnic

50 visit a museum

51 Sleep under the stars

52 Take a walk in the rain

53 climb a mountain

54 see a musical

55 See a play

56 Blog once a day for one month

57 Faithfully send out e-mail newsletters for a year

58 Buy bikes for our whole family (1/4 complete)

59 Write 20 religious talks just to have on hand (0/20 complete)

60 Bring our debt to 0 including school debt

61 Read 10 business books (0/10 complete)

62 Write 20 handwritten letters to different people tell them how important they are to me (0/20 complete)

63 Spend a day preparing frozen meals

64 Keep a daily journal

65 Read 10 marriage books with Jeremy (0/10 complete)

66 Read 25 books (0/25 complete)

67 Go one year without drinking soda

68 Make a family cookbook with all our favorites

69 Sew a blanket for Katelyn

70 Decorate my house

71 Be in bed by 9:30pm every night for a month

72 be ready for the day by 9am for one month

73 Keep my house clean for 6 months straight

74 Stretch everyday for 6 months

75 Get a personal progress award from my church

76 put money into a savings account every month and not touch it for a year

77 Go Canoeing

78 Identify 100 things that make me happy

79 Pull an all nighter

80 Cook dinner every night for a month

81 Reduce my worldly possessions by 100 things

82 Camp for more than 3 days straight

83 Run a 5k

84 Catch at least 5 fish on a fishing trip

85 Go on a backpacking trip

86 Visit Yellowstone again

87 Go camping

88 Update my website

89 Make a blog site and do away with the website

90 Find a preschool for Emma

91 Make a china slideshow

92 Exercise faithfully for 6 months

93 Get an associate’s degree

94 Draw a picture once a month for 6 months

95 Take my husband out for Sammy's famous shakes

96 Scrapbook Kate's first year

97 Scrapbook Emma's first 3 years

98 Go on a cruise

99 Loose 10 lbs

100 Visit the ocean

101 make a new 101 things to do in 1001 days list


Minnette said...

What a fun idea... I just might have to try this one, thanks for sharing.

Jana said...

I did one of these about 1001 days ago and misplaced it long ago. I'm going to do it again but write them on my blog so I don't lose them. And I'm going to copy A LOT of your list. :) Thanks for the ideas!

Midlife Midwife said...

Gee I feel like a slacker...time to pull out that old 101 list I made too.

emily said...

Love the new list! These are the best.