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FAQ: For Photographers • East Idaho Photographer

When I get e-mails from photographers asking me questions sometimes I do a quick reply and think hmm I should add that to my blog but then I never do. I'm going to start trying to answer them more often on my blog so that I can help more than just one. Here is one of the lastest questions I have been asked...

Do you do any prints? Where do you print those? And how would you order canvas prints?

I DO print. I like for my prints to be professional and to be a good reflection of my work. When I edit through my images for proofing and my blog I typically will do quick edits in lightroom. When an image is ordered and I'm sending it off to print I calibrate my monitor (so what I'm seeing on my monitor is what I'm going to see on paper) and then edit the picture a second time in photoshop. I will typically soften the skin, take away blemishes, and adjust the color and contrast to taste.

I use the company WHCC (White House Custom Colour). They sneak lollipops into some of my packages so I think I will keep them ;) You can order canvas prints from them as well. They are AWESOME!!! They are all about service and that is my favorite kind of company. I totally support them. They are fast! Two day shipping if prints are shipped to your studio. Their prints are high quality and packaged really well. I'll pay more for better service and a better product.

Here is Emma with a WHCC complimentary lollipop :)

All images: Canon 5D manual mode, 50mm f1.4, 1/500sec, ISO 125