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My desktop was so cluttered that I couldn't even see my background image. Finally after a couple hours of cleaning it now looks like this. Isn't it sweet? I feel like I just got a new computer. Now if it only took 2 hours to uncluttered my to do list I would be in heaven!


Maria Nissen said...

Hi Jo-
I love your desktop. How do you capture it for your blog? By the way, I can't get enough of those ARMS. How can you not help but smile with an image like that looking back at you!

Brock, Megan & kids! said...

Hey its my sweet baby chunks!! lol did you know that now he is 18 months and hardly has any of those delicious rolls left! such a sad thing! lets taek a moment to mourn the loss of my chunkies rolls... ha ha ha

Maria Nissen said...

I just figured out what is different and...I LIKE IT!! I love the white background. It suits your style. Good move. :-)