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Point and Shoot Fun

Recently my husband, Jeremy got a point and shoot for real estate. I just thought I would post some of the fun pictures Jeremy has been getting of EmmaLee. I love that he has been taking lots of pictures. Here is a little personality!
It took Emma a while to get use to the camera's flash. This is what she would do when she knew the flash was about to go off. Silly girl.
Daddy entertained Emma by giving her some good tunes to listen too.
EmmaLee has been taking LOTS of naps in her swing lately. The other day I forgot to strap her in and this is how we found her when we went to go check on her. I guess she found this comfortable?
She woke up just after Jeremy took the picture.
EmmaLee developed a fake cry. This is the fast that she makes when she does it. How can you not give in!? I always do! It's just too cute!
This is why I need locks on my bathroom cupboards. (I'm waiting till we have a house to put locks on everything). I should have stopped her from pulling them out and opening them but I was in a hurry. We were late for church.


Micheline said...

Too cute and too funny!

Luci-lou said...

Emma is too adorable! I would give in too if I saw that face!

Candi said...

she is so cute!! I love all of these pictures