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The last couple days I have been thinking man my house really STINKS! Is it just me?? I've been smelling around everywhere trying to figure it out. and I just couldn't figure it out. I cleaned, took out all the trash, ran the garbage disposal, mopped, checked inside the fridge, checked the dirty laundry.... and then opened the doors to air out the house...
Well today I FINALLY figured it out!
When we first moved in we saw a couple mice in the house, we set some traps caught two and haven't seen any since. Well, my hubby left one up behind the fridge (so Emma wouldn't find it and get snapped) and since we thought all the mice were gone and forgot about the trap....... Bingo! There is the smell. There is a dead mouse behind my fridge ROTTING! (I'm so sorry I didn't post pictures to go along with my story)

As soon as my hubby wakes up from his nap.... The man who SET the trap is going to TAKE CARE of the trap! Yuck Yuck Yuck.

Saturdays are a special day. It's the day that we do all the deep cleaning, and yard work so that Sunday we can relax. Since it's warming up we finished planting our garden. Emma LOVES to put the seeds in the holes. For a while she just sat down and planted the unions... her way. We will see if we find any random onions growing in places they shouldn't be.


Black Bear Escape said...

Jeremy is really looking COOL! I don't remember seeing him wear anything but a ball cap. He is a true farmer, cowboy or just fits well in with being in Idaho.

Maria Nissen said...

I love Emmalee's eyelashes and her cute little fingers planting onions. I also am enjoying how you are capturing your new life in ID. Glad you found the stink, too. Ick.

Maria Nissen said...

I meant Emma, not Emmalee. I will never get it right!!

Candi said...

That is a awful story! yucking!!! I am so sorry!
Ok..moving on!
love the photos and the fact you have a garden. Pretty jealous, it looks so pretty there. you are not missing out on the heat! I love the lat photo, I know you have been working on getting that light shoot, so you must be so happy!

Photography By Jo said...

Yes it is Yuck! I'm so glad the smell is GONE GONE GONE!!! But today I had to smash a bumble bee in my kitchen! Another mess for the hubby to clean up!