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Emma's Bed Head

Last night my husband and I decided that we would go to Best Buy and Frys Electronics to look for me a new camera bag. Well my daughter Emma decided she would take a late nap in the car. No more late naps! EVER! I was up with her till 1:30am!!! It got pretty frustrating! As soon as she would be close to falling asleep she would open her eyes, start crying, and want to play. I eventually just put her in her crib and she cried herself to sleep. She use to put herself to sleep pretty quick this way but since she has been sick we stopped doing it. Anyway, I went in her room this morning when she woke up and found her looking too cute to resist taking some pictures! I love my little girl!


Cheryl said...

it looks like zachary's too! i'll post it when we get back on monday!

~Missy~ said...

That hair is too cute!

Candi said...

This picture of her waking up is totally you!!!