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Lindsay and Jordan's Bridal Session • Idaho Falls wedding photographer

These two are only weeks from their wedding and boy are they excited (and so are we)! Take a look at these pictures and I think you will agree. This is one of the easiest couples to work with as they are easy going and very photogenic! It's fun working with all of the fall colors. We never got this in Arizona!

Best Wishes,


gina marie said...

You two are pushing out pictures like rabbits. Such quality for quick quantity. I have so many favorites, I can't name them all!

Brewer Family said...

You guys are so talented! Well it helps that the bride is so beautiful! I love all these pictures. Can we do my wedding over and have you take the pictures. hehehe

✩Molly✩ said...

Dude, I am in love with that red Bush picture... I wish I was there, so you could take a picture of me, next to that bush! *ok im a dork*

Candi said...

Wow, I am looking at the photos and I was like first photo is my favorite but then I get the second to last photo and I was, like.........................WOW.....WOW seriously awesome shot. I love the fall colors, nothing like AZ.