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Chambers Family • Idaho Falls Family Photographer

I can definitely say I had a BLAST with this family. They totally remind me of my own. Very laid back and fun to be around. I had a hard time as always choosing pictures. The family is just way too photogenic. Especially the two girls who I could spend all day taking pictures of. Days like this make me love what I do even more.

Mmm hott chocolate. :) I think this should be a necessity for all shoots here in the fall/winter.


Micheline said...

I love these pictures. The oldest girl - in the first two shots - has beautiful, expressive eyes!

Samantha said...

i <3 these with a passion!!!!

Candi said...

This family is so vibrant and happy! I love how each of them have something that that looks like the person next to them. Okay maybe that doesn't make much sense but they look a like, in a good family way.

gina marie said...

Such classy photos for a classy family. Love the way in which you captured their style. Family photos with flair.