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Burr... • Idaho Falls Family Photographer

This family for sure amazed me. Maybe it is because I'm from good ol' Arizona and they are all use to Idaho weather. I was wearing thermals, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a beanie, thick hunting socks, and gloves. I felt much colder than they looked. :) It was an adventure though. I love challenges and shooting in this weather was somewhat new to me. Yesterday the high was 78degrees? (if I remember right) and for my session today it was about 40degrees. I even got to see a little bit of snow fall. That's Idaho for you!! September snow! (not that it was a lot. I'm sure it wasn't even enough to call snow but I was sure excited.) I was glad that they were all willing to stick through it. We made lots of trips to the cars to warm up though. Thank goodness for heaters. :) Anyhow, to the photos of this wonderful family.

It rained about 60% of the time we were there. I like the rain in the background on these. What do you think?

This last one looks like it could have been in a studio... My kind of studio, natural light and no doors :)

It's 3am and I'm off to bed (I haven't been up this late in a long time). In just a few hours I'll be headed to Portland to see some family and to take more pictures. I'll be back in a week but I'll try and post if I get a chance.


Maria Nissen said...

That rain is making me cold! You're right, they were great sports, but seeing how cute they all dressed and knowing what a task it is to get a family together, I can imagine that nothing would stop them from getting the job done! :-) Great job, as always. Have fun in one of my favorite cities.

Ali said...

Love these pictures the fall colors and the focus is so crisp and clean great job! Do you mind if I ask what lens you shot these with- I love them