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How I edit in lightroom and photoshop • tips for photographers

While I'm waiting for my pictures to download from last nights engagement session I figured I would do a little post on my processing. I have been horrible about blogging lately and I promise that I will try to do better. Thanks Jeremy for taking this pic for me :)

(I put the image into lightroom and adjusted the exposure since it was underexposed, I then adjusted the blacks and the contrast to give it some pop. Oh and I warmed it up a little since that's what I like)
Mom, I love you but I don't love that you gave me that never ending teenage acne (at least I know something will keep me young!!)

Much can be fixed with a little photoshop though! (before an image goes to print I open it in photoshop for additional editing)
(I used an MCP action (Magic skin) to soften my skin. I then merged my layers and used a clone stamp to hid all the rest of my blemishes)

Dad I love you but I don't love the dark bags you gave me under my eyes. :) Guys I love my parents and we have a great relationship no worries we joke about this kind of stuff all the time.
(I duplicated my background layer and tackled those bags with a clone stamp! I then adjusted the opacity to let back in a little bit of them bags so that I wasn't totally destroying personality)
So it went from WA to WA LA!

And NO mom, my face did NOT freeze like this!


Midlife Midwife said...

that's what I love about you! Gotta love plastic surgery done by the camera lens and editing programs.

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Wow! That was intense... I love the step by step walk through.

Maria Nissen said...

Oh, Jo...you are too funny. The edit on MY photo would've taken you twice as long since I am twice as vain as you are. Wait...Jo's vanity=0, Maria's=2. I know, 2 x 0=0. This is vanity math, I'm talking about. It works. :-)

Missy said...

It's amazing what you can do to a picture! Wow! I think I'll continue to have blemishes on my face for the rest of my life or atleast until my wrinkles flap over them. Gotta love those genes:)

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

hahahaha. jo. you're adorable. haha. :]

Minnette said...

Thanks! I've been trying to figure lightroom out. Cute picture by the way, I'm sure there's a story behind this one :)

Camille Elise said...

LOVED the process you went through to show the final product! Cool, as always!