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A busy weekend

Last weekend this is all we did. Peaches and wood. My parents came up to help us and it was awesome having them here.

My dad on his way up stopped in Utah to grab some peaches. Some... as in 8 boxes. We spent two full days canning and freezing them and ended up with 100 Quarts!

For the two days we were doing peaches my Dad and Jeremy went out for some wood. They got about 3 1/2 cords.... we need about 5 more for the winter... That's a lot of wood! Hopefully Jeremy can get a truck soon and fine someone to help him get more.

Here they are after a hard day of work. Jeremy had to wear his high-water pants so he didn't ruin his others.... Good thing since he put a good rip in them. :) He is showing them off.


Jonathan and Sarah said...

Wow I'm impressed! Peaches are soooo good!

Maria Nissen said...

Well, life on the farm looks pretty good! You are a busy girl! Awesome...100 quarts=LOTS of hard work.

✩Molly✩ said...

farm life, would so NOT be for me. But I enjoy watching you love it. :)

I love the pictures you take of the things that you do.

I swear you could have your own monthly magazine.

Erin Bentley Photography said...

I am so envious! I think I'm repeating myself a lot in my comments to your posts. Hahaha, that is so way cool. Those peaches look SO amazing. GUH.

Brock, Megan & kids! said...

so jojo when you shipping me some yummy peaches!! lol jk love you and miss you soooo much!! we need to talk soon!

Missy said...

You guys are just canning away! I am so impressed by it all. Where did you come up with 100 mason jars like that?

Lynne said...

100 quarts! That is awesome. I have been bottling my peaches and pears this week too. It is so fun.