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Idaho Summer Festival Teaser • East Idaho Photographer

THIS is where I have been! The last week has been pretty busy planning for the festival and getting ready for it. I told Jewel Productions that I would do all the photography for the event and it was a blast!!! I know that there wasn't the turnout that they wanted but it was the first year and it's only bound to get better as the years go on. Judging by these pictures does this look fun or what!? I'm excited for next year! I have thousands of pictures to continue going through so there will be more! Stay tuned!! Here is a little sneak peak.
Mud Volleyball!

The Spud Mud Run for a special little girl battling cancer.

Elvis has left Las Vegas!

This couple won a car and a wedding!

Photos from this event will be seen in the Idaho Wedding Guide, and the Idaho Health Guide. For those who were curious at the festival :D

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