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Blessings: My beautiful Daughter

I am so grateful to be blessed with Emma.

It use to be that on my family blog I would post things I was grateful for each week. Every time it was something different. Since combining the blogs I haven't done it and I would really like to start again.

I can't get enough of my daughter Emma. Other than my husband there is no person I love more. Last night as I rocked her to sleep I couldn't help but to pour some tears over just how grateful I am for her. Since i was a young child I always felt that I would be blessed with a little girl and hoped that she was somehow looking out for me through my growing years. I lived my life differently because of her. She is near and dear to my heart. I am blessed beyond measure.


Minnette said...

Jo, I love your blog, and not just for your wonderful photographs but you always share something I can relate to, thanks :)

Micheline said...

And she is so blessed to have you as her mother and Jeremy is blessed to have you as his wife. And our family is so blessed to have you in it!! I know we could say you are a huge blessing to all of us! We love you.

Clint & Alicia McLaws said...

Such a beautiful photo. Your precious Emma is completely gorgeous :)