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Alaenya and Todd's Wedding (part 1) • Arizona Wedding Photographer

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Everything was just perfect. It had such a wonderful time photographing this wedding. I haven't gone through all the images yet so I'm sure there will be more to come. These are just some of my faves so far. :)


Brewer Family said...

Those are such great pictures! Ok so I am a little bias but they are so good. What a happy day! Thanks Jo!

Jana said...

Stunning images! Keep them coming; I love looking at them.

Maria Nissen said...

HI Jo-

These turned out great. I haven't looked at mine, yet. I realized the other day that I used your awesome camera 1/2 the time. Thanks for the tutorial on your Canon. :-)

✩Molly✩ said...

Sweet Alaenya! I have always just loved her dearly, I love her shorter sassy hair, it looks SO BEAUTIFUL! Last time I saw her she still had loong hair like Samira's. We went to the singles ward together.

They look so happy and the pictures look amazing and wonderful. I love the red watermark across the bottom of the group picture.

you know you do great work, but I thought I'd comment anyway :)