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#6 Complete!

That's right! I've joined on with Pictage!! From now on all my photo sessions will be uploaded to Pictage for print ordering. I wanted to be able to provide my clients with top quality prints and for that reason I've signed on with one of the companies who I feel will give my clients the best. I'm really excited about this! Now I need to go to one of the PUG meeting so I can check #7 off my list! One of my favorite thing about Pictage is the community. With Pictage I have the opportunity to meet other photographers and learn ALOT from them. Here are some things about Pictage that I have found have helped me or that I'm excited about!:
  • Pictage TV: Here is a place where I can go to watch videos that other photographers have made to help people like me grow their business.
  • Ask and learn Wednesdays: Every Wednesday Pictage's online forms features a different photographer. You can go on and within the 2 hour allotted time spot you can ask them what ever questions you would like!
  • PUG Meetings: Pug stands for, "Pictage Users Group". Every month photographers in the community get together to share ideas, discuss different topics and have fun. I haven't been to one yet but I'm super excited to meet photographers who have more experience than me.
  • The Pictage Blog: Has weekly tips, and informs you of what is happening in the pictage community.
  • Wedding albums, proof books, photo greeting cards, online proofing, and more. I'm excited to be able to start offering more to my clients. Woo Hoo!
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