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Garden Sweet Garden, Oh how I love you... • Idaho Falls Vegetable Photographer j/k ;)

I will be honest. I have never been busier!

My garden has given me daily tasks! Here is what this week has looked like....

Monday: Pick green beans (2-3 hours?), snap green beans (another couple hours), bottle green beans (6 hours) It was only me so there were breaks to take care of EmmaLee.
(there is also bacon and onions in with the green beans;)

Tuesday: Pick apples (30 min. with Jeremy's help) and make apple sauce (5 hours with the neighbors help), clean up kitchen after (1 hour cleaning).

The middle row: (the last couple week's tasks) huckleberry raspberry jam, raspberry jam, Cherry pie filling and bottled huckleberries. Huckleberries are only found in the mountains so we made a couple trips to pick them. They are like gold here and sell for up to $90 a gallon.
Wednesday: Make double chocolate zucchini cake (1 hour) (finished editing a wedding, and made a trip to Idaho Falls)

Thursday: Pick 3 rows of corn. Pick, cut, cook, and freeze broccoli. Water the gardens.

Tomorrow's Tasks: Husk all the corn, boil the corn, cut it off the cob, freeze it. :) Clean up a messy kitchen.

Saturdays Tasks: Pick more green beans, bottle green beans, make pickles with cucumbers, bottle dilly beans. Clean up a messy kitchen.

Sunday's Task: RELAX!