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Danyel and Jordan's wedding • Idaho Falls wedding photographer

Last night Jeremy and I stayed up till 2am going through all the images and picking favorites. Enjoy :)

The cake was amazing!

I think if I could go back and redo my own wedding I would have a cotton candy machine too! What a cute idea.

Grandma was too cute!


✩Molly✩ said...

looks like a fun time! I love the candy jars, and of course the cake, it truly is impressive!

Micheline said...

Great job - as usual. The colors of her wedding really stand out.

Ryan Gladstone | St Louis said...

I really like the photo of the bride showing off her shoes over her shoulder. So many shoe photos look exactly the same, but not this one.

Maria Nissen said...

First of all, I LOVE a daytime, daylight reception!! I bet you did, too. I love the photo of them in front of the temple where they seem to be highlighted...and yes, the cake is amazing. The colors, candy, cotton candy, setting make this wedding/reception look like a lot of fun. Did Jeremy second shoot with you? I also like the "catching the bouquet" shot.

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

so.. i've decided that in the future, i'm going to have the same colors, same cake, and same decorations as they did. SO cute! Okay.. maybe everything won't look the same.. but the gerbera daisies.. or whatever flower they were.. has to happen, and fun colors. :] haha.

but jo... you're my favorite! i absolutely love all the pictures from their wedding! you did an amazing job as always! :]

Candi said...

cotton candy machine! ha ha ha, oh my! The colors are so pretty, green and orange, i love it!
'Yes the cake is amazing, that is so talent! Well I think you need to stop staying up so late, your starting to worry me! GET SOME SLEEP WOMEN!