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A few little updates...

I've been sick all day so I haven't been able to get much editing done. My day has consisted of sleeping, watching "Veggie Tales" and "Cars", and keeping myself from going crazy. If there is one thing that bothers me more than anything it's being sick. I hate that it puts me behind. I try to keep my days productive so being sick just doesn't fit in my schedule. I did manage to pull together a few pictures so that I can update you a little on our life.
For the 4th of July we had a fire and tin foil dinners. It's great having a "little forest" to the side of our house. :)

We then headed over to watch fireworks. Emma was scared at first but as long as Daddy held her she was fine.

Emma has had a couple little accidents in the last couple weeks. She got into "the mouse drawer" (the metal one that keeps the mice out) and found a bag of powdered sugar. I thought that she had a bag of marshmallows and was fine with her eating some. When I looked back at her a couple min. later I see this. My gratitude this month is for vacuums. :)

I had a meeting so I ironed my clothes for once... after I finish I unplug it and close the door. Later that day Emma found it PLUGGED it in and put it straight down onto the carpet. It could have been worse, she could have put it to her face. As my mom says, "People are more important than any item, take a picture, or you will forget." Although our landlords were kind enough to forgive little Emma and told us not to worry about it, I'll still be working extra hard for new carpet. I wouldn't feel right about not replacing it.

Emma decided that she loves when our lawn gets irrigated. We let her play in it for the first time the other day and I think it will become a tradition. I had no idea she would love it so much.

After playing in the water she noticed that her footprints were following her. It scared her so bad that she wouldn't go back on the pavement. :) She is too cute.

At the Idaho Summer Festival there was a Mexican food concession stand. Jeremy and I are huge fans of Mexican food. In Arizona good Mexican food was easy to find... in Idaho, not so easy. Since moving to Idaho we haven't been able to find any good hot sauce or salsa in the stores. Well, the hot sauce at the festival was to die for (and the food). We told them we wanted to buy just a thing of salsa and they gave us a large cup full for free. We have been savoring it. It was perfect with the empanadas Jeremy made. Thanks to the free salsa we have been living in luxury again. :)

Emma and I crashed on the couch... Jeremy didn't get my face in there, sorry.

a couple weeks ago we had dinner with some close family friends. Here are the little boys I enjoyed taking pictures of.

Jeremy enjoyed showing them the horse.


Micheline said...

love the pics - love the updates - love that I'm going to be seeing you next week!

Allie said...

Hello, I'm Allie Mckay (I went to school with Mikel, your sister-in-law, and my sister is Liz Mckay Wood). Anyway, I've been looking at your blog for awhile and just wanted to tell you what a huge fan I am of your photography. I sure wish I could take such beautiful pictures like yours. I hope someday I can hire you to take my engagement/wedding pictures.

Also, Your daughter is so fun to read about, and so-o cute!! =)

Midlife Midwife said...

wow, you may be sick but you have been very busy! Love the posts. Keep up the updates...I love them! Hope to see you next week.

Jana said...

You are amazing! I love the updates.