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back button focusing • Idaho Falls Photographer

Melissa Jill posted on how to use back button focusing a long time ago and I have been using it ever since i discovered it. LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!!
I was a little confused on how it worked but once you get it down you won't want to go back. Normally you would have to adjust the point of focus manually to get it to focus where you want it but when you have back button focusing you hold the * button down till it focuses in the middle of the frame and then let go of the button and move your camera to get the picture you want. I don't think I explained it very good but here are some pictures I took using it to help illustrate.
This first one I focused on the truck let go of the * button and moved the camera slightly to the right to put the truck off to the side. It still stayed in focus and I didn't have to change the point of focus manually.

This next one I did the same thing focusing on the 4 and moving the camera a little bit to the left.

If your camera uses the shutter button to focus as soon as you move the camera and go to take the picture it's going to refocus in the center. If you separate the two buttons you have SO much more control. I hope this makes sense.


Megan Marie said...

oh my goodness, could you get any better than you already are??? Armed with new knowledge about camera stuff... watch out world. Thanks for sharing!